~ Chawali (Black Eyed Beans) Salad…

Today I am sharing with you the recipe of one of my mom’s most famous salads!! It’s often requested for when we host dinners or when there is a potluck here in Kuwait. Since I am on a vacation in Kuwait and trying to make healthier choices (atleast while I can, not that I am being quite successful or anything, thanks to a billion foot courts that have popped up in Kuwait in the last 3 years) at home, this salad has been on repeat and hence I decided to share it with y’all today.

It’s pretty easy to make and tastes yummy too, so here goes:

Serving: 2 people


– 1 cup Black Eyed Beans (soaked overnight)

– 1 medium Onion

– 1 medium Tomatoes

– 1 medium Green chilli

– 1 teaspoon Chaat Masala Powder

– Handful Cilantro / Coriander

– Salt to taste


– Pressure cook the overnight soaked Black Eyed Beans, adding salt and with very little water. Just 2 whistles to make them very soft, but make sure not to overcook. Make sure there is no water remaining after boiling, if water is still there then cook it open till all the water evaporates. Empty it in a serving bowl.

– Dice the onion, green chilli and tomatoes in small pieces.

– Now add the chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilies along with the chaat masala to the bowl with the boiled black eyed beans and mix evenly, making sure not to break the beans as they are soft.

– Chop the Cilantro/Coriander leaves finely and mix it to the dish and now it’s ready to be served.

Ta-da!!! You are done! Now enjoy!

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