~ 10 Things to never say Sorry for!!

I, for one, have this bad habit of apologizing for no reason. I’d say sorry even when I am not sorry – like sorry I missed your call, sorry I won’t be able to hangout, sorry this or sorry for that… for no reason!!

Honestly I don’t like upsetting people and hence this habit, but as I am growing older, I realize I do not need to care about what people think. Atleast not always!!

If I don’t want to talk at that moment, I won’t pick up your call, will call you back when I am free… Similarly, if I need time to myself / for my family, I’ll make plans with you another time… In a nutshell Sorry I am not Sorry!!

Today’s post is a compilation of the list of things I feel I need to stop saying sorry for… These don’t really need any explanation, so here goes:

– Needing some time for myself

– Saying “No”

– Speaking your mind

– Asking for help

– Taking time to respond to a message

– Any mistake made in the past

– Having a messy house

– Telling the truth

– Doing well in life

– My honest feelings

I’d say I am pretty sure most of these should be on everyone’s list, after all we are just being authentic and sorry, I am not sorry for that!!

Until next time, stay unapologetic!!

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