~ How To Have A Better Week…

I have a serious case of the Monday blues!! When Sunday night rolls around I always get sad. Sunday afternoon onwards, I am sulking, and the hubby often gets annoyed coz he doesn’t want us to cut short on our weekend shenanigans. And the fact that GOT doesn’t air on Sunday nights anymore, adds to this despair!! I am desperately waiting for it to resume come June’17!! 

Anyways, off late I have been trying to not be a spoilsport and enjoy Sunday evenings to the fullest and not let Monday rain on my parade!!

I take some steps to feel more prepared for the week and today, I thought of sharing them with you.

Use Your Weekend: I think it’s very easy to get carried away and not do anything productive on the weekends, especially when the work week has been exceptionally busy and tiring. While that’s ok for the most part, we still need to balance out our weekend and use it wisely. Coz for every 5 weekdays, we only get 2 days for the weekend 😉 

A few things we do on the weekends that help us have a better weeks are things like changing sheets, getting the house in order, vaccuming and cleaning the toilet, doing laundry and putting it away, and putting away things that are out of place. By doing these things, we feel more ready for the week and Monday doesn’t  seem so daunting as we aren’t going into the week with a messy house or a bunch of chores already piled up!

Have A Morning Routine: This is of utmost importance for everyone – kids, husband, wife – working or stay at home! 

Any kind of morning routine is helpful in starting your day on the right track. Know what time you have to wake up, and go to bed accordingly so you can have a good night’s sleep and are well rested and ready to conquer the day. We use one day of the weekend to sleep-in till late and the other day, we wake up at reasonable time to get the day started.

Make A To Do List: I swear by these!! I have to-do lists for every sort of task on hand, even socializing and hanging out with friends!! 

I have multiple to-do lists for different time frames and these help me plan, some being for short term achievements like things to get done this week, others being more long-terms like things to accomplish by the end of the month, I even have a list of things to-be done and places to be visited by the end of the year!! A little over the top, I know, but knowing exactly what I need to get done, makes the week/life, in general, less stressful. I update my short-term lists daily/weekly. 

Meal Prep/Plan: We don’t really meal prep (it doesn’t go well with Indian food) but I surely do meal plan for the following week and this makes the grocery task much easier. 

Obviously it’s not set in stone, and we change things up sometimes, but having an idea and the grocery in the fridge definitely helps!!

Enjoy The Downtime: As I mentioned earlier, weekends need to be balanced, but at the same time, weekends are weekends, and are meant to be enjoyed!!

Enjoy the downtime. Book that well deserved mani-pedi time or spa appointment you’ve been wanting so badly!! Having downtime will make you feel well rested and ready for the new week ahead. 

We definitely go for movies, go out to eat, hang out with friends and often do a date night too! On the weekends our workout is mainly going for a long walk in one of the many beautiful parks Houston has to offer!! This not only keeps us healthy but we  also use our time talking and catching up and even making plans!! There are so many things you can do to enjoy the downtime, so don’t limit yourself!!

I hope you found my tips helpful and are all set to have a good week!! 

How do you have a better week, I’d love to hear…

2 thoughts on “~ How To Have A Better Week…

  1. I have a magnetic board with to do’s list for home, meetings/ events at kids schools, some lists to accomplish extra stuff w.r.t kitchen, flyers sticked onto fridge reminding of some imp tasks . Off all as u said if we start up weekends with some realaxed walks etc with family N listed regular weekend work if done by sunday after noon u can be ready b4 time for Monday n can enjoy Sunday evenings too.


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