~ 5 ways to make your Anniversary special…

It’s 7 Nov 2016!! Our 5th wedding anniversary!!! Time surely flies when you are having fun 🙂

Anniversaries are a celebration of love, commitment and togetherness!! Over the years, physical attributes decline, but if you have found a friend in your spouse, or even better, married your best friend, I promise you life will always be fun! Don’t get me wrong, every now and then difficult times do crop up, but if you have a friend/best friend in your life partner, then you have nothing to worry about because together you both are stronger than ever.

Today on the occasion of our 5 years and counting, I am sharing 5 ways as to how you can make your anniversary special, so read on…

– Spend time together:

What really matters, in today’s busy world, is spending time together. Be it over a candle light dinner, walk, hike or just sitting on your patio, swinging away to glory – spending quality time with your spouse is of utmost importance. An evening spent in each other’s arms in complete seclusion will itself define the day!! And ofcourse we women love it when our men treat us to a nice romantic dinner, dessert and wine included😉

– Give meaningful gifts:

Gifts do not need to be expensive, instead meaningful… Guys, if your wives have been super busy lately, give them the gift of time – a day/evening/week free of their duties and chores – take care of the kids, household chores and everything, including even dinner! In case this isn’t as easy as it seems to me, gift her a spa retreat to give her sometime to relax and rejuvenate!! Girls, don’t forget that your hubby loves to feel special too!! If he’s been wanting something but hasn’t had the time to get it for himself, order it online (make sure it arrives on time) or go pick it up for him and surprise him!

And always give each other cards, or even better love letters!! These create beautiful memories that last a lifetime 🙂

– Take a vacation:

Since our anniversary is in November, every Thanksgiving we go someplace new to celebrate our anniversary. You don’t need a long weekend, you could also plan a weekend getaway around your anniversary time to someplace on your must-see list or just someplace special.

For all those who aren’t able to take a trip, you can plan a picnic to escape the hustle bustle of your regular life. Just let yourselves go and enjoy a leisure wrapped day with each other.

– Do something new together:

New experiences enrich us, specially if shared together. Go for a hike, to a brewery, try a new restaurant, get crafty together or just try a new recipe at home – it’s the bonding time that counts.

– Make it count:

Whatever it is you do, do it wholeheartedly and make it count. There is nothing more special than genuinely, heartfelt spoken words or actions done.

To get a look into our anniversary celebrations, follow along on Snapchat (@nshrivas) and Instagram (@nshrivas).

~ All love stories are beautiful, but ours is my favorite ~

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