~ Halloween costumes over the years…

Happy Halloween Ya’ll. 

Do you like to dress up?? We surely do! But we do need a good crowd and fun party to dress up for since trick or treating isn’t too happening when you live on the 3rd floor (read: no parent wants to climb 3 flights of stairs with their kids to collect candy, even Kit Kat and Snickers is not worth it, what has this world come to!!) Anyways, I digress…

Today I am sharing with you some of our Halloween looks from the past so read along!!

Meet Cleopatra and Ceasars!! This has been one of my favorite costumes over the years and for obvious reasons – it being a couple’s costume!! Our costume was from Walmart and I googled the looks and recreated it using simple accessories found in any girl’s closet.

Say hello to the King of Hearts and the Prisoner!! The king of hears costume won my hubby the best costume award!! Both our costumes were from Target.

This was my last minute throw together costume a couple of years back. Cute if you ask me! My coverup is from Maui and the Hawaiian luau from Dollar Store, the sandals from Payless.

This is one costume I am proud of!! Why you ask?? Well because this is the one costume that has been in line with the horrors of Halloween having made kids cry and be so scared of me, they won’t come close to me, let alone take treats!! Haha!! Everything I am wearing, except the witch hat is from my very own closet. The witch hat is from Walmart. That broom is the very one I use to clean my kitchen, don’t forget to look around the house for accessories before going to buy some!! I used a lot of Kajal (Kohl) and long wear red lipstick to get the look.

Here I am dressed as Money… or maybe you could call me a Gold Digger!! LOL!! Costume and accessories are from Party City. The necklace is actually a huge golden $ sign!! 

That’s the hubby and I. This one is from the very first time we dressed up for Halloween, in 2004 at Virginia Tech. The movie Scream was a big deal at that time and hence the costume choice 😉 Masks were from Walmart, as far as I can remember.

Hope you enjoyed this post… Have a fun and safe Halloween y’all!!

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