~ Couple’s Fashion: Spring!

Hey y’all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! Ours was rainy and mostly spent indoors curled up in bed with Netflix (Silicon Valley), good food and great company. Houston is going cray cray with all this rain! We watched ‘Me Before You’ in the theatres and it was a cute movie. It was quite interesting to see Emilia Clarke being anything but Khaleesi (shout out to my fellow GOT fans!) and btw the latest GOT episode was like OMG! Yeah yeah, you can read further, no spoilers in this post, I promise 😉

So coming back to what this post is about, the hubby and I are both fond of dressing up. Be it dinner with friends, a movie, a date night or just us being out and about, we both like to be dressed well.  In general, a couple should to complement one another and luckily for me and the hubby, we are on the same page even about being stylish, with the hubby being more so than me sometimes!

Today I am sharing details on some of our looks from this spring! Houston in spring is mostly comfortable, not too hot and not chilly either (some of you will definitely debate that Houston is never chilly, but for me, 60s is chilly! What can I say, 8 years in Houston has made me a true Houstonion! Haha!!) In spring I usually wear shrugs as they are breathable and can also keep you warm on those nights that turn chilly while you are out and about. Wrapping around a scarf can also be a stylish way to keep warm and add to your look. In spring and summer, the hubby prefers linen shirts or light colored t-shirts to keep cool. I’ll be sharing summer looks in some upcoming posts.


In the collage above, the pictures are from all over – my birthday dinner, artsy Saturday around town, dinner with a friend at City Center and a simple day around town, running errands.

For my looks above:

I have a lot of dresses, but do not wear them that often. Nowadays, I am making a conscious effort to wear more dresses. The above collage does not do justice to this sentence, but trust me, I am working on it 😉

My white dress is from New York and Company. I couldn’t find the exact same one, but you can find similar options by following the links below:




Tops are from Loft, Tommy Hilfiger and New York and Company. These websites have some really cute options!! Totally loving their summer collection 🙂 The links below will take you to similar tops like mine in the pic above:




My sandal is from Metro in India 🙂

The shoes are from Payless and I am linking some similar items below:




The shrugs are from JC Penny – here is a link for similar items:


My bag is from Tommy Hilfiger. Couldn’t find the exact same one, but I am linking some options below:


My scarf is from Centrepoint, Kuwait and so is the necklace.

For the hubby’s looks above:

He loves his Pepe Jeans – gets them from India, Shopper’s Stop! Here in the US, his favorite brands of jeans are Levis and Lee.


The red one is from our trip to Bahamas and the white-and-grey one is from Calvin Klein, and you can find similar ones by following the link below:



The red/pink one is from Old Navy’s linen blend collection, regular fit. They have some really nice selections of shirts, follow the link below:


The checked shirt is an Alfani that we got from Macys. The link below gives you a wide variety to choose from:


Sunglasses are Ray Ban from Sunglass Hut:


Hubby’s shoes are always mostly from Macys, he just bought these Calvin Klein ones last month and is loving them as they are comfy and stylish and go well with both formal and casual attires. Below are links for similar shoes:




Flip-flops are from Oakley:


So remember, while you are busy getting dolled up, don’t forget to dress your man to impress… After all he’s your other half, better or not, you decide 😉

Until next time… Stay stylish! Ciao.

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